Video Game Industry to disclose loot box drop rates

The video game industry group, Entertainment Software Association, announced the new initiative on Wednesday after a loot box meeting with the Federal Trade Commission. The initiative includes the publishers Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo to require all publishers of games on their respective platforms to disclose the odds of obtaining all types of in-game items from purchased loot boxes in their future game titles.

These include the following companies: Activision Blizzard, Bandai Namco, Bethesda, Bungie, EA, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, Warner Bros., and Wizards of the Coast. According to the ESA, there are other publishers which also are considering joining the agreement. If they do not, they will not be able to publish their games on the Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Other platforms such as the PC are not included.

Exactly when the agreement will come to full effect in the future titles is not yet something that has been disclosed, but the current plan seems to be to roll the changes out during 2020.

This initiative tells us that publishers have acknowledged that their business model is under scrutiny, and that they want to be able to come better equipped with arguments for future hearings by trade commissions and politicians. However, it is not an argument than can be used when it comes to offering loot boxes to minors, since they are less likely to understand how probability theory works.

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