Black Ops 4 adds microtransactions

When Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was released none of the reviewers mentioned anything about microtransactions. The reason for that is because there weren’t any in the game at that point. As players started progressing through the game tiers, many people noticed it was slightly grindy. Three weeks after the game release, as many players already have purchased the game and have invested a lot of time into it, Activision Blizzard silently adds microtransactions to the game.

If you want to own that tier 200 weapon variant you better come with cash in hand, $200 to be precise, or grind 250+ in game hours. To top it off there is a time limit, making it an impossible feat for most people. £1.79/$2 will buy you 200 points, £8.49/$9.99 1100 points, £16.79/$19.99 2.400 points, £34.99/$39.99 5000 points and £84.99/$99.99 will buy you 13.000 points. The points can then be spent on a simple outfit, basically a set of in game clothes, for 800 points, or 200 points to advance through one of level tiers.

Call of Duty fans are naturally upset about the direction Activision Blizzard are moving the game, and at this point you wonder exactly what is going to tip the scale to the point when the gaming community has had enough. It seems like all of the AAA publishers are all moving along the same path of microtransactions, but have learned from their earlier mistakes, and now are trying to sneak them into their games. I wish them all the luck in world.

Will microtransactions save Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 and its expansions has failed to meet Activision Blizzard’s sales estimates and the company is now scrambling to please its investors. Activision Blizzard recently made the base game free to claim in the for PC players until November 18th, in an attempt to try and boost the player base and potential expansion pack sales. But is that all?

According to Kotaku:

“…the publisher said today on an earnings call, promising investors a faster content model and new forms of monetization for the game.

While this may sound good on paper for the investors, how will gamers react to such news?

Destiny 2 just added its third expansion Forsaken this September, an expansion which has received positive reviews from journalists and somewhat positive reviews from gamers. Destiny fans feel Forsaken is a step in the right direction, in which direction will the next step be?