Street Fighter V receives MTX ads

Is there anything more annoying than that salesman, be it on the street, on the phone, or by your door, who wants to sell you that fantastic pen you already know you really don’t want? I don’t think so. A while ago Capcom announced that they would be adding advertisements to Street Fighter V during loading screens. Well, now they are here, and there is a catch if you want to turn them off. The ads will, at the moment, only be for in-game content such as cosmetics, but as a consumer I am very skeptical if it will remain this way.

The natural response from gamers when the news hit was, “absurd”, but the strong reaction didn’t stop Capcom from going through with their announcement. Don’t like that ads? Turn them off, but you won’t be getting that extra fight money in ranked and casual matches. In relation, basically nerfing the reward in comparision to players opting out.

Commercials and ads in games is nothing new, in sports games they’ve been around for a while, but in these cases, it comes across as natural and it’s not shoved into the face of the consumer, who paid $60 for a full game.

I sincerly hope that players of Street Figher make themselves heard, and most surely make sure to turn ads off. Capcom will be monitoring their internal statistics closely and if it turns out the benefit to these ads are greater than the bad will they create, you can bet your hat on you will be seeing this kind of behaviour even more. Vote with your wallets ladies and gentlemen.